Medical Assessment

Compulsory psychiatric assessment.

Price: 2500 rubles per person (worker).

For all categories of workers — receive all required documents, properly issued, promptly and legally.

The examination is held in full compliance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.695, adopted on September 23, 2002 «On compulsory psychiatric examination of workers engaged in certain activities, including activities related to sources of increased danger (with the influence of hazardous substances and adverse working factors), as well as working in high-risk environments».

If you are reading this website, you hardly need explanation of details and conditions of compulsory psychiatric assessment (OPO) for company staff. Nevertheless, we provide a link to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No.377, adopted on April 23, 1993 «On implementation of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Psychiatric Care and Guarantees of Citizen’s Rights during Its Provision”» (as amended and supplemented). The Decree provides a list of categories of worker’s professional activities that need to get a compulsory psychiatric assessment.

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